Small Grants Program

Through its small-grant program, the U.S. Embassy in Vientiane provides support for projects whose aim is to promote and deepen the relationship between the United States and the Lao PDR.  Grants applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year.

The U.S. Embassy gives priority to the following themes and initiatives:

  • Education / American Studies / English Teaching
  • Environmental Protection
  • Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
  • Science and Technology
  • Civil Society / Rule of Law

Preference will be given to individuals and institutions with a proven track record of executing projects and programs.  Generally, new grantees will be given priority over previous grantees, however previous award recipients are not discouraged from applying. Typically, grants range from $500 to $5,000.

Embassy Small Grants Cannot Fund

Please note that Embassy grants CANNOT be used to fund religious organizations or political activity; trade activities; fundraising campaigns;commercial projects; scientific or academic research; or projects whose primary aim is the institutional development and operational costs of the organization.  The Embassy does not give grants to commercial firms.

How to Apply for a Small Grant

All applications must be completed in English.

Please complete the two forms required (Application and Breakdown Budget) and send them to

Please note that it typically takes one to two months after applying for a grant for you to receive money.  Please plan activities accordingly.

  1. Small Grant Application Template: Please complete this document and send it back to us as a MS Word file. To help you complete the application, please see the file named “Small Grant Application Instructions.” This document explains line by line how to complete the application. There are also valuable tips in the instructions for making your application more competitive.
  2. Small Grant Application Budget Template with Instructions: Please submit your budget using the attached form.

The Embassy receives many applications throughout the year.  Unfortunately we cannot support all the grant applications we receive.  To make your application more competitive, please be brief, clear and to the point.

We appreciate your interest in the small grants program and wish you the best of luck!

If you have questions during the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at