Event:  Commercial Flight from Vientiane to Bangkok on November 11

Private businesses are organizing a special flight from Vientiane to Bangkok, expected to depart 11:40 on November 11 and arrive in Bangkok at approximately 12:55 the same day.  Tickets are still available.  Tickets cost USD$450.

Tickets for this flight can be reserved by contacting Oudomsin Travel at +856 (0)20 55 518 999 or +856 (0)20 55 511 888, Lin Travel at +856 (0)20 59 429 515 or +856 (0)20 59 426 615, or Kian Min Lao Travel at +856 (0)20 55 519 181 or +856 (0)20 55 520 030.   These tickets are limited and are available to the general public.  Please note that this flight is arranged by private businesses; the Embassy makes no guarantee of quality of service or availability of tickets for U.S. citizens.  The Embassy cannot answer questions about the flight or seat availability; please direct such questions to the contact details above.  The Embassy also will not make travel arrangements on your behalf.

Please note that this flight is available only to travelers whose final destination is Thailand.  This flight cannot be used to transit Bangkok on to a destination elsewhere, including the United States.

Please also note that most foreign nationals remain barred from entering Thailand, including U.S. citizens.  Accordingly, we do not expect most U.S. citizens will be able to avail themselves of this flight.  U.S. citizens considering this flight option should closely review the Royal Thai Government’s entry and exit policies.  A summary of those policies can be found on the website of the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok.

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