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Information on COVID-19 Vaccines for U.S. citizens in Laos (April 2, 2021)
April 2, 2021

The government of Laos’ Ministry of Health (MoH) released a note on April 1, 2021 inviting members of the public, in certain target groups, to register for COVID-19 vaccinations in Vientiane. The government is employing a phased approach that prioritizes health workers, people over 60, and people with underlying health conditions.

Foreigners, including U.S. citizens, generally may qualify for vaccinations, if they meet the eligibility requirements. For example, certain employment categories are deemed essential and include health workers, teachers, and certain industrial employment categories.

COVID-19 vaccination pyramid graphic

For more information on eligibility criteria and to register for the vaccinations please check the following websites:

  • Lao: (Not found)
  • English: (Not found)

If you have any questions about the Ministry of Health’s registration, qualification system, or vaccination plans, you should contact them through the links above. The U.S. Embassy does not have any additional information beyond what is provided on the above website.

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