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Lao Visa Extension

All foreigners in Laos must continue to maintain a valid visa.  Those who do not maintain a valid visa could face penalties of at least $10 per day in overstay fines or possible prison time in severe cases or if you are unable to pay.

The Department of Immigration, Foreigner Control, and Visa Extension will extend visas for 30 days.  As of February 19, 2021, the extension fee is 20,000 Lao kip (LAK) per day with an additional 30,000 LAK document fee.  The total cost for a 30-day extension is currently 630,000 LAK (approximately $68).

In general, the Lao Immigration authority may forgive visa overstay fees if:

  • The overstay is relatively short
  • The overstay is self-reported (as opposed to Lao authorities learning of the overstay independently)
  • There is a reasonable explanation for the overstay (e.g. hardship caused by COVID-19, etc.)


Entry Requirements 

The Government of Laos has resumed issuing visas on arrival for tourists and those who currently hold valid multiple entry long-term visas may also return to Laos, subject to additional requirements.

More information regarding travel advisory measures of the Lao PDR can be found here.