Laos signs the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in New York

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, H.E. Sommad Pholsena, speaks at the Paris Agreement signing ceremony in New York.

On Friday, April 22 the Lao PDR signed the historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change on Earth Day at the United Nations in New York.

Laos was represented by H.E. Sommad Pholsena, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Phouvong Luangsaysana, Director General of Disaster Management and Climate Change at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and Daovy Vongxay, Director at the UN Economic and Social Affairs Division, International Organizations Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nearly 200 nations agreed on an ambitious, durable climate plan that sends a powerful signal that all countries are committed to take real action on climate.  The agreement is fair and applies to all countries.

It also sends a strong market signal to businesses and the private sector that the world is moving to a clean energy economy.  In addition, it includes a strong focus on mobilizing public and private climate finance to support both mitigation and adaptation in the poorest and most vulnerable countries.

This agreement builds trust and incentivizes ambitious action.  It includes binding transparency requirements for both developed and developing countries to help ensure each country lives up to its commitments.  The Paris Agreement is helping to stimulate real-world progress on low-carbon investments.