Message for U.S. Citizens: Special Flight Leaving Vientiane on April 11 to the United States

The Department of State has arranged a special chartered flight for U.S. citizens and U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents that is currently expected to depart Vientiane at around 5:00 p.m. on April 11 for San Francisco, CA.  Exact departure time and routing are subject to change. 

All passengers will need to reimburse the U.S. Government for the flight, and a promissory note for approximately $1900 must be signed before boarding.  No cash or credit card payments will be accepted. You will be responsible for any arrangements or costs (lodging, onward destination or local transportation, etc.) beyond your initial destination in the United States.   

If you want to depart on this flight and have already completed our survey, please send an email to, listing the names of the individuals who intend to depart on the flight.  All individuals must be U.S. Citizens or otherwise qualify for this chartered flight.  If you have not completed our survey and wish to depart on the flight, please complete the survey, then send a follow-up email to Please do not call to confirm receipt of your email; we will contact you if you are confirmed for a seat on one of these flights.  

For those completing the survey, each traveler should submit their information individually (one form per passenger). Parents/guardians should submit one form for each child that will be accompanying them and note their relationship in the “Special Considerations” box in the form. 

U.S. citizens without a valid U.S. passport who wish to depart on this flight should send their name, date of birth, and the number of their most recent expired passport to Please indicate that the passport is expired. You will be contacted with information on how to obtain an emergency passport. 

U.S. Legal Permanent Residents (holders of valid Green Cards) who wish to depart on this flight should send their name, date of birth, and A number (Green Card number) to 

If we do not have your information in our survey and have not received an email from you confirming your interest in this flight, we will not make a seat available for you.  

Unless you receive an email confirming your flight, please do not come to the airport. Only those with email confirmations will be permitted to fly. 

The Embassy is not aware of any option available to U.S. Citizens for leaving Laos via commercial means.  U.S. citizens who wish to return to the United States should avail themselves of this chartered flight unless they are prepared to remain in Laos for an indefinite period.