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Political/Economic Section

The Political/Economic Section provides support on political and economic issues to the United States Ambassador to Laos.  The Section maintains contacts with Lao government entities, other foreign missions including embassies and the United Nations, international financial institutions, and international and local NGOs working across a wide range of sectors in Laos.

The Section monitors all aspects of U.S. political and economic relations with the Lao PDR and reports to Washington on key developments in Laos and on Laos’s relations with its neighbors. The Political/Economic Section represents the official views of the United States Government to Lao officials on a broad range of bilateral and multilateral issues. Examples of the types of political issues the section addresses include the management of our assistance clearing unexploded ordnance (UXO) from Laos, supporting good governance and civil society, promoting human rights and religious freedom,  combating trafficking in persons, and furthering cooperation on humanitarian issues.

The Economic and Commercial side of the section analyzes the macro and micro-aspects of the economy of Laos, particularly in relation to its several larger neighbors, and responds to the Ambassador’s economic priorities. The section reports to the State Department and a range of other U.S. government agencies on Lao economic conditions and trends, promotes the protection of intellectual property rights, advises potential investors, advocates on behalf of American business interests, enhances opportunities for U.S. business investment, and follows trade developments.

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