U.S. Ambassador Visits COPE Mobile Clinic in Xayaburi

U.S. Ambassador Rena Bitter visited a U.S. government-funded Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE) Mobile Clinic for persons with disabilities and met with government officials during her trip to Xayaburi Province early this month.

Ambassador Bitter visited Xiengphone District Hospital where Mobile Clinic staff provides free rehabilitative services. While there, she spoke to community members about how the U.S. government can further help persons with disabilities stay active and productive.

“Our support is really making a difference in these remote areas where services are not readily available,” said Ambassador Bitter. “I was encouraged by the skill and dedication of the clinic staff and thrilled to see the excitement on the faces of all those who received support.”

COPE supports women, men, girls and boys with physical disabilities in Laos by providing them with free access to prosthetics, orthotics, and physical therapy. USAID funds training activities to develop quality standards of care, which includes improving the quality of prostheses and increasing patient satisfaction. To date, the project has provided over 3,000 people with rehabilitation services, and has trained dozens of technical staff and management personnel on improving quality of care.