First U.S. Passport

The followings are required:

  1. Make an appointment here
  2. Complete DS-11 online but do not submit it electronically. You may obtain a blank copy of the form in our office on your appointment date
  3. Passport Photo: One recent photo, 2×2 inches white background. Please click here for more information
  4. Proof of U.S. citizenship: An original or certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate, or a U.S. naturalization certificate, or a U.S. certificate of citizenship, or Consular Report of Birth abroad
  5. Proof of identity: A valid photo identification issued by a State or the U.S. Government
  6. Your social security number, if issued
  7. A fee of $165, payable in cash (USD or LAK) or by credit card ($115 for minor)

It is recommended that at least one parent appear in person with children ages 16 and 17.