Replacement for a limited validity passport

A limited validity passport describes any passport issued with less than full 10-year validity for those 16 years and older and less than 5-years validity for those under age 16. If you have been issued a passport that has been limited in validity, the process for obtaining a new full-validity passport depends on how long ago it was issued and where your passport was issued. If your limited passport is an emergency passport which was issued overseas, and was issued less than one year ago, the followings are required:

  1. Make an appointment here
  2. Complete DS-5504 (PDF 81.7 KB) online but do not submit it electronically. You may obtain a blank copy of the form in our office on your appointment date
  3. Your recent limited pasport
  4. Passport Photo: One recent photo, 2×2 inches white background. Please click here for more information

More information about replacing a limited validity passport can be found at the U.S. Department of State’s website here