United States and Laos Launch New Intellectual Property Web Portal


VIENTIANE, LAO PDR – On February 20, 2019 the United States and Lao governments officially launched an intellectual property web portal at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Vientiane.

The launch was co-chaired by Mr. Daniel Fitzpatrick, Chief of Party, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) LUNAII project, and PhD. Khanlasy Keobounphanh, Director General, Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Science and Technology. They were joined by more than 70 representatives from government and the private sector.

Funded by the U.S. government through USAID, the web portal allows users to learn about intellectual property protections and search for trademarks, patents, and other copyrights registered in Laos and throughout the world. Knowing what is already registered can help potential applicants shape their applications so that their intellectual property is more quickly recognized and protected. Interested individuals who are looking to register their products and brands can also use the portal to complete the required application forms online, making these services accessible to anyone with Internet access, regardless of their location in Laos.

“This new website is a highly visible example of U.S.-Laos cooperation on protecting intellectual property,” said Mr. Fitzpatrick. “But in fact, we have been working together since before Laos joined the World Trade Organization in 2013. This long-term partnership reflects the commitment of both our countries to encouraging entrepreneurship and investment in Laos.”

The intellectual property web portal was developed by the USAID LUNA II project in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Department of Intellectual Property. It is one several initiatives on intellectual property that USAID has supported in partnership with the Ministry. Respect for intellectual property is a key principle of multilateral and regional trade agreements to which Laos is a party or signatory, such as the World Trade Organization, the ASEAN Economic Community, and bilateral treaties including the U.S.–Laos trade agreement.

The USAID LUNA II program, or Lao PDR–U.S. International and ASEAN Integration, is a five-year project designed to help the Lao government further integrate into the global economy by supporting the development and implementation of modern, transparent, and inclusive economic policies and regulations at international standards.

The intellectual property portal can be found at https://dip.gov.la.