US Embassy Promotes Education in Luang Prabang

Embassy Intern Kailyn Hornbeck presents about college life in the United States.
Embassy Intern Kailyn Hornbeck presents about college life in the United States.

Staff from the United States Embassy in Vientiane traveled to Luang Prabang to discuss educational opportunities on July 27-29. Deputy Public Affairs Officer Lucija Straley and Education Advisor Phonesana Siphanhvieng gave a presentation about studying in the United States at the Lao-American Reading Corner at the Luang Prabang Public Library on July 27.  They discussed the many opportunities that the United States Embassy has available for Lao students, including graduate and undergraduate scholarships and exchange programs.  Subsequently, US Embassy Intern Kailyn Hornbeck talked about college life in the United States, and exchange program alumni spoke about their experiences in the United States.  While in Luang Prabang, US Embassy staff also administered the Test of English Proficiency (TELP) exam to help more than 80 students gauge their English language proficiency. 

On July 28, US Embassy staff members traveled on the Library Boat with members of the Luang Prabang Library staff.  They visited the Primary School in Hoiykhae Village, located along the bank of the Mekong River, where they read books, played games, and helped teach students about hygiene.  The staff handed over schools supplies and hygiene products to the children, as well as athletic equipment for use in school activities.

The U.S.-supported Library Boat program in Luang Prabang is operated by the Luang Prabang Public Library and Cooperative Learning International.  The program has two boats that bring hundreds of books to children in more than 75 remote villages.

The Lao-American Reading Corner is sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Vientiane and contains almost 1,000 books and magazines selected to help visitors improve their English reading abilities and learn more about important international issues. It also hosts programs and is open to the general public free of charge.

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